If you are looking to buy cheap furniture, there are several places that you can look.


One of the easiest ways to donate furniture is to post it on Craigslist. People can post pictures and description of the furniture they want to donate and people from nearby cities and towns can contact them with questions. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of hauling the furniture away and throwing it in the trash.

Before visiting a Craigslist to donate furniture listing, make sure you know what you are getting into. Make sure you have a large vehicle and are prepared to move heavy furniture. Also, follow basic internet safety guidelines, such as bringing a friend or letting someone know where you’re going. In addition, it’s important to meet in public and during the daytime.


Fortunately, there are many nonprofit organizations in New York City that accept used and new furniture. Many offer free furniture pickup and tax deductions for donations. Donating furniture to such organizations is an ideal way to give your old furniture a new life. Whether it’s a couch, mattress, or TV, there’s a nonprofit organization out there that can take it.


One tip for selling your donated furniture on Craigslist is to make it as attractive as possible. Weekend listings will do better than weekday listings, and you can also have the items picked up on Sunday. When listing on Craigslist, don’t include your actual address, but rather your neighborhood, so that people can quickly find your listing.

If you’re considering donating furniture or other household items, one option is to use a website like Donation Town. It lists nonprofit organizations in your area that can pick up your items. The website also allows you to schedule a free pickup. The donation can also be tax-deductible. To get started, just enter your zip code.

Salvation Army

Donating furniture to the Salvation Army is a great way to help people in need. You can do this online, or you can call a local Salvation Army office to arrange for pickup.


Just make sure that the furniture you donate is of good quality and that it can be resold by another Salvation Army.

Household Items

You can also donate household items, tools, and electronics. You can donate almost anything at the Salvation Army.

Even Pick

They will even pick it up for free! They will also provide you with a receipt to prove your donation. The Salvation Army will also accept gently used furniture. You can donate furniture, mattresses, and other items. They also accept gently-used clothes and shoes, kitchenware, and more. 

You can also donate electronics and other smaller pieces of furniture. If you are unable to donate your furniture online, you can call a local Salvation Army store to arrange for a pickup.



Donating furniture to the Salvation Army can help your community in many ways. They use the money they raise through sales in their thrift stores to help provide aid for families in need. For example, they give out clothing, food pantries, and disaster relief.